Wisconsin Thin Line Flag Ornament

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Wisconsin Thin Line Flag Ornament

Recognize the first responders and defenders of our freedom with the The Line Collection of ornaments

Thin Blue Line - recognition for Law Enforcement

Thin Red Line - recognition for Firefighters

Thin Green Line - recognition for Military


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  • 3.5x4.5
All MKE Laser Design signs are manufactured with the highest quality material and state of the art printing process. 

Why Dibond over steel signs? 
We've done them both and have settled on high speed cut Dibond for a few reasons over steel signs as our preferred material. 
We can now offer damage free hanging by way of 3m Command Velcro Strips due to our signs light weight. No more need for unsightly mounting holes or nails in walls. 
UV Printing is designed for Dibond, thereby ensuring the most vibrant and longest lasting fade resistant printing available. 
Dibond is resistant to volatile inflation and shipping constraints, allowing us to keep costs low and deliver a superior product. 
Still want laser cut steel? Let us know, we'll be more than happy to make your sign that way, pricing will increase due to above mentioned reasons. 

Advantages with DIBOND®
  • Premium, smooth surface is ideal for digital printing as well as mounting
  • Can be digitally printed on both sides
  • Superior surface protects expensive digital UV printed graphics  
  • Provides excellent durability in indoor or outdoor applications
  • Approximately one quarter the weight of a steel sign, equally rigid
  • Flattest panel on the market
  • Comprised of Two sheets of .012 aluminum bonded to solid polyethylene core


The advantages of UV Printing include the following…

  • The ink is dry the second it comes off the press.
  • UV-cured ink is less prone to scratches, scuffs, or ink transfer during handling and transportation. It also resists fading.
  • The printing is sharper and more vibrant. Because the ink dries so rapidly, it does not have a chance to spread or absorb into the substrate. As a result, the printing stays vivid and crisp.