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If want to make someone you care about cry, buy them a custom sign from MKE Laser Design. We have bought several custom sign as gifts from MKE Laser Design and we always get the same reaction; instant tears.

Angelo S.

We've been purchasing great products from Cory and MKE Laser Design since 2020. Their custom and innovative signs work out as great house warming presents for our clients when they move into their new homes. Highly recommend.

Steve Wamser, VP Sales Steeple Pointe Homes

Our Story Starts Here

We hired a company to make plasma cut steel signs for our son and his friends dorms as they prepared to move off to school to be college athletes and scholars. The emotional reactions we got from our son and his friends filled our hearts with pride as we realized these gifts told their story. They were simple single color designs with their name, their college logo and a depiction of their sport. Each of these 18 year old men openly had tears in their eyes as they looked at the signs. They spoke about how proud they were with all of the years of hard work, injuries, sacrifices and perseverance, they made it and were officially going to be playing college sports. We were blown away that a piece of metal could bring out so much emotion.

Fast forward a year and a family business was born of 2 Brothers along with their families and a passion to bring tears to every person's eyes that receives our work. Those simple designs have been reimagined and our signs are now intricate beautifully designed colorful pieces of custom art that continue to tell the recipients story, whatever it may be. We pour our heart and soul into every piece we make as we know, if a story is worthy of a custom design, it deserves all of our respect. Our mantra from day one has been, "Bring emotion to cold hard metal" and our customers have our promise to listen to the story and deliver a piece of personalized art that will be proudly displayed for years to come.