Our business was built with sports teams in mind, it's who we are. We understand that in today's world of school or club sports, expenses are adding up faster than ever. We also understand as a sports family ourselves, nobody likes doing fundraisers as they are all the same, popcorn/food no one wants, candy no one needs, cumbersome collection of orders/money and custom pieces, like shirts, that take forever to get delivered, often times after the season is nearly over and when you do get them, they're of poor quality. 
We've reimagined the fundraiser to be something that is not only easy to do through our website, but in the end, your players, friends and family members will receive their high quality custom or standard products quickly and will get a piece of art they will cherish for years to come.

How do we order and get our signs? 
Our process is simple, we will work together to design the custom products to be offered during the fundraiser. Once the designs have been approved, we will build your organization it's own page within our website that will welcome them to your page and give the details of the fundraiser. Any items purchased off of your page will result in a donation to your organization. If friends and family would like other items from our business from anywhere on our site, including completely seperate custom orders, they will enter in a predecided promo code when checking out and your organization will receive a donation there as well. As to delivery, we have options to ship directly to each family (covid friendly), but I cures additional shipping cost, deliver bulk order to the club for pick-up (no delivery fee) or our preferred method, have us come on site to facilitate the hand delivery to your families along with presentation of your fundraising check. We prefer the hand delivery for selfish reasons, we love to see the reaction of the families when they see their personalized custom sign we have created for them for the first time.

What's in it for your organization? 
As an example, we create a custom wall sign for your club volleyball team that each member could personalize with their players name and or number. The wall sign or yard sign would have a sale price of $100 - $110 respectfully, of which we would donate $20 to your club, an ornament would be purchased for $20 and would donate $5 to your club. In most circumstances, we will also include, "free of charge", a vehicle decal with all purchases to aide with club advertising. 
An average size volleyball club of 300 players would receive a donation of $7,500 if each player purchased a personalized wall sign and ornament. We have had clubs raise or lower the cost of the signs to meet their fundraising needs and have also had clubs that choose to complete the fundraiser as mandatory for budgeting purposes, (for mandatory fundraisers, we may increase our's actually likely).
The best part to our fundraiser is, it doesn't stop! If 8 months after the actual fundraiser is over, a family decides they want another sign or decided they actually wanted that ornament, when they buy it, we'll still send you your donation!!! 

Do you only fundraise for sports teams? 
No way! If you have an organization that needs additional funding, we will work together to come up with a one of a kind custom sign that your members will be proud to display. From school bands to dance teams and anything you can imagine, we've got you covered. 

How do we get started? 
Contact Cory at 414-345-8758 or email him at to inquire about your fundraising idea. 

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